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CLEDB repository


The Coronal Line Emission DataBase inversion is a public Python based tool and pipeline that is used to infer magnetic field information from SpectroPolariemtric observations of the Solar Corona. This document describes the main concepts, functions, and variables, comprising the CLEDB inversion algorithm for inverted coronal magnetic fields.

Authors and Contact:

Alin Paraschiv and Philip Judge
– High Altitude Observatory NCAR|UCAR
– National Solar Observatory, AURA
arparaschiv at ucar edu or paraschiv.alinrazvan+cledb at gmail


Vector coronal magnetometry is not yet advanced enough as to recover HMI-like magnetograms. A user should not expect such a product yet. Solution degeneracies exist, and the user is required to make a decision on how to interpret the inversion outputs and which products to utilize for their science.


This setup should be considered at best a beta-level release. This setup tackles a problem for which currently no complete observation data exists and where a complex forward-model + inversion is required. Bugs or unintentional bad outcomes will still exist at this point in time. Please get in touch with us about any “feature” you discover.


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